The Glimmies Fall Asleep is the third episode of the Glimmies Adventure series.


When Flayla tells them a story the glimmies fall asleep but Dotterella and Foxanne

Full SummaryEdit

It's summer in Glimmies wood. In summer the days are long and the nights are short so the Glimmies have less time to light up and be busy even though Glimmies find fun things to do and almost always cheery they most love shining bright so summertime can be little gloomy but they have great leader. Dotterella shes always there to keep they're spirits up.Here's Dotterella now! Not only she is the leader of the Glimmies but she brings joy and harmony wherever she goes even on long summer days.The Glimmies love telling stories whiles waiting for the night to fall.Today Flayla is telling them all about her day.Flayla the owl glimmie notice every tiny detail every single petal on a flower.Every blade of grass when telling a story she talks and talks and talks and yes you guessed it! talks.It can be a little hard to stay awake through all that talking so one by one the Glimmies fall alseep.Oh dear! what are we to do? They have to be awake for nighttime to light up Glimmies wood."Foxanne you must help me!" said Dotterella. "You must stay awake so when it starts to get dark we can wake everyone up again". "Okay! Challenge accepted!" said Foxanne.The day went on and now all the Glimmies are asleep.But Foxanne and Dotterella keep they're wits about them.They watched the rabbits.They count the sheep.They even play eenie meenie miney mo.Soon it starts to get dark and now it's time to wake everyone up! "Wake up Hazelyn!" "Wake up Batlinda!" "Come on girls!" The night is falling! Oh dear! Even Flayla has fallen asleep now! "Wake up Flayla!" Soon all the Glimmies are awake and glowing and looking forward to warm sunny night of fun "Glim glim hooray!" They all cheered well done Foxanne and Dotterella