Surprise Party for Cornelie is the second episode of the Glimmies Adventure series.


In hopes of helping Cornelie get to know the other Glimmies, Rakella and Astrea come up with a plan for a surprise party!

Full SummaryEdit

One day Cornelie is off by herself, enjoying the nature surrounding her as she thinks about how much she would actually like to have some friends. Meanwhile, Rakella and Astrea happened to both overhear her and meet up to discuss the predictament. Astrea suggests they give her a special treat, so they decide to spend the day gathering food, decorations, and some other items to set up a picnic area for her.

That evening, after finishing the duo await for Cornelie to arrive and bring her back to the picnic site, where several other Glimmies have shown up to surprise her. Happily Cornelie joins the other Glimmies and together, they share the surprise Rakella and Astrea put together; with Cornelie surrounded by many friends.