Color Fuchsia
Species Hedgehog
Symbol Rose

Spinosita is one of the twenty-three star fairies sent to Glimmies Wood to restore the peace between animals. Her symbol is the Rose, and her partner is Fernicia.


Spinosita has very pale, pearl pink skin and sharp, dark fuchsia eyes with lashes surrounding the corner and bottom. She wears her fuchsia hair in pigtails with a flip on end, matching her short, two-layered forelocks. She has straightened, short cut bangs. At each pigtail are glittering pink quilled ears to match the quills on her back.

She wears a fuchsia dress with a rose design and white frilly collar, along with fuchsia shoes that have a ring of white around the top.


A little grumpy at first glance, Spinosita hides her sweet and gentle personality behind a prickly defensive outer-personality. She often spends her time daydreaming, but she is easily scared and will go into hiding if trouble arises.


  • Her name may be based on the prickled spines of a hedgehog, and on the name rosita
  • Her color is based on a very rare, wild rose color.
    • She shares this theme color with Siestina.
    • Both girls have names starting with an S and ending with an A


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