Color Aqua
Species Owl
Symbol Diamond

Pluma is one of the twenty-three star fairies sent to Glimmies Wood to restore the peace between animals. Her symbol is the Diamond and she is partnered with Flayla.


Pluma has pale blue skin and usually keeps her eyes shut, worn with glasses. She has short, fluffy aqua-colored hair with a feathery, glittering strand on either side of the head, which matches her wings.

She wears an aqua outfit with three diamonds designed in the middle, along with a white frilly collar and aqua shoes with a white ring around the top.


Calm, observant, and wise, Pluma loves to learn more about the world exploring every single detail about every single thing. While she is always spot-on with advice, she is awfully chatty and may accidentally put others to sleep without even realizing it.

Character Card Edit

Her color is AQUA GREEN and the 3 DIAMONDS that appear on her small body symbolize spiritual superiority. Pluma is the twin of Flayla , with whom she spends her time talking about any topic. She thinks that the mind is the mirror of the soul and as such it must be nourished and stimulated. The owl is, of course, the animal of the forest that she loves and is fascinated by the most.


  • Her name is based on the word plumage, which is a term for describing feather sections.
  • She is one of two Glimmies to wear glasses, the other being Flayla.
  • She is also one of the only two Glimmie to keep their eyes closed in official art, the other being Siestina.
  • She is exclusive to the triple pack which also includes Rubina and Cornelie.