Color Lime
Species Moth
Symbol Jasmine

Lumix is one of the twenty-three star fairies sent to Glimmies Wood to restore the peace between animals. Her symbol is the Jasmine flower and her partner is Alya.


Lumix has a pale yellow body with a pair of glittery, pale yellow wings with darker colored. Her glowing antennae are white with a lime tip. She has curvy olive eyes with a star-shaped dot and several lashes. Her dull lime hair is very short and curly with the bangs on the left of her head swirled together.

Her attire conists of a glittering golden dress with a Jasmine flower design and a white frilly collar. Her shoes are dull lime with a white ring around the top.


Lumix has a large heart of gold and is the noblest of all. She works without complaint to help others and will lend a hand at given notice. But she is also very shy when given compliments and turn bright red in the face and become speecheless.

Character Card Edit

She has a great heart and, among the Glimmies, is surely the one with the noblest soul. She is always willing to sacrifice herself for others and, if she takes a situation or a problem to heart, she never gives up. This great ability to engage in things, however, clashes with her greatest characteristic ... She is shy! Whenever her involvement is discovered and the other Glimmies thank her for all her dedication, poor Lumix can not utter a word and becomes all red.


  • Her name is most-likely inspired by Illumination, a word to describe things that vibrantly light up and glow.
    • Similarly, the Italian word lumi means "lights".