Color White and violet
Species Unicorn
Symbol Heart

Irilius is one of the twenty-four star fairies of the Rainbow Friends. His symbol is a heart.



Character Card Edit

A unicorn. His colors are white and violet. Its symbol is the heart. Irilius is the GREAT SAGE of Glimvillage and thanks to his GLIMHORN manages to empathize with all the animals of the wood and to understand who needs help. He has a gentle and thoughtful character, and for this reason he always manages to give wise advice to all the Glimmies. His home is the GLIMTREE, a place where the Glimmies accumulate the reserves of GLIMTILLA, the special magical dust that they collect!


  • His name may come from both the word iridescent, referring to his coloring, and lius, an Old Norse word for "light, bright, clarity".
  • He is the only male Glimmie.
  • He is the only Glimmie who is based on a mythical creature, the unicorn.
  • Besides Flora, he is the only Rainbow Friends Glimmie without a partner.
  • He is the only Glimmie with two main colors.
  • He is exclusive to the Glimtree pack.