Color Orange
Species Squirrel
Symbol Acorn
First Appearance Nova & Hazelyn help Lambie find her Mummy

Hazelyn is one of the twenty-three star fairies sent to Glimmies Wood to restore the peace between animals. Her symbol is the acorn and she is partnered with Almendra.


Hazelyn is pale yellow with a glittering, golden-orange squirrel tail and vibrant orange inside coloring of her squirrel ears. She has big brown eyes with a white star shine in each one. Her short, creamy orange hair is worn in a fluffy bob with thick bangs.

She wears a golden-orange glittering outfit with an acorn design and frilly white collar, along with orange shoes that have a white ring around the top.


Often going out on adventures, Hazelyn keeps an eye out for any treasures to store in her secret layer. She loves collecting items and is brimming with energy. 


  • Her name is based on the Hazelnut, and a common girls name, Lynn.


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