Glimmies Adventure are special Glimmies webisodes available for viewing on the official Glimmies Youtube channel. The style of each webisode varies from stop-motion to 3D animations, and in terms of length go from 2-3 minutes.


  1. Nova & Hazelyn help Lambie find her Mummy
  2. Surprise Party for Cornelie
  3. The Glimmies Fall Asleep
  4. Hungry Owl
  5. Going Nuts
  6. Dotted Woods
  7. Mystery of the Stolen Carrots
  8. Outfoxed
  9. Have Some Nutty Fun
  10. Halloween Pumpkins
  11. The Unsleepy Dormouse
  12. A very glimmy Christmas
  13. Irilius is sick
  14. Missing you Mother Moon
  15. Love Hurts

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