As of now, there are 23 Glimmies. Each coming with her own unique features and color, a Glimmie resembles her woodland friend, and in most cases, there are 2 of the same species.


Almendra Alya Astrea Aurea
Batlinda Celeste Cerulea Cornelie
Dormilla Dotterella Fernicia Flayla
Foxanne Hazelyn Lavoonia Lumix
Nova Pluma Rakella


Siestina Spinosita Volpessa

Rainbow FriendsEdit

Castorinda Honeymia Shelisa Spiria
Volaria Abella Lentice Librille
Loupiana Conexia Bunnybeth Irilius

Glimmies Adventure CharactersEdit

Other GlimmiesEdit



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