Color Orange
Species Bat
Symbol Crescent Moon

Cerulea is one of the twenty-three star fairies sent to Glimmies Wood to restore the peace between animals. Her symbol is the crescent moon and she is partnered with Batlinda.


Cerulea has pale, golden-orange skin with amber eyes that have thick lashes. Her bat ears are light orange, matching her short fluffy hair and bangs. She also has glittering, golden-orange bat wings.

She wears a glittering outfit matching her wings with her symbol designed on it and accent by a frilly white collar. She also wears orange shoes with a white ring around the top.


Cerulea may seem reserved and keep to herself but she keeps a very protective eye over the forest and other Glimmies. She is mysterious- just as much as she loves a good mystery herself. She takes on the role of a detective when something makes her curious.

Character Card Edit

ORANGE is her color and her symbol is the MOON. She is the twin of Batlinda. Like the animal she represents (the bat) she loves the night because she thinks it is the most peaceful moment of the day where she can think. She has the gift of hearing bats nearby thanks to the biosonar, a localization system used by these animals.


  • Her name comes from the word cerulean, meaning "dark blue".
  • It is not certain whether her name and her twin's, Batlinda, are mixed up; although it would make sense for the dark-blue bat Glimmie to be named Cerulea, most distributors and stores label her as Batlinda instead.
  • She is one of two Glimmies with one eye closed, the other being Volpessa.
  • She is exclusive to the triple pack which also includes Spinosita and Lavoonia.