Color Blue
Species Bird
Symbol Feather

Celeste is one of the twenty-three star fairies sent to Glimmies Wood to restore the peace between animals. Her symbol is the Feather and she is partnered with Rubina.


Celeste has pearl blue skin and gentle blue eyes with lashes at the corners and a star-shaped dot in each eye. She has short, sky blue hair that sticks up with her bangs pulled back into a pointed tuft in the middle of her head. Her forelocks are shoulder length and curl on end.

She wears a sky blue glittering outfit with a feather design and white frilly collar. Her feathery bird wings match. She also wears blue shoes with a white ring around the top.


Fidgety and curious, Celeste can be a noisy little chatterbox. She is a bit flighty and fickle, flitting from one hobby or passion to the next- considering she has a million of them. She is usually at the center of attention due to her chatty, all over the place personality.

Character Card Edit

Just like a little bird, Celeste never stands still for a second. She is perhaps the most curious of all the Glimmies and is also the most chatty. Her thousand interests lead her to shift her attention left and right and her talk always allows her to be the center of attention. She loves making and reciting jokes to everyone.


  • Her name is Italian for "sky blue", like her color.