Color Zesty Yellow
Species Firefly
Symbol Star

Astrea is one of the twenty-three star fairies sent to Glimmies Wood to restore the peace between animals. Her symbol is the Star and she is partnered with Nova.


Astrea's skin is pale yellow and she has glittering, golden yellow wings and antennae. Her sparkly, slanted eyes are dark gold, and she has dark lemon-colored hair that reaches her shoulder with a small flare. Her bangs are brushed to the side with thick forelocks framing her face. 

Her attire is a glittering yellow outfit with a star on it and a white frilly collar. She has dark gold shoes with a white ring around the top.


Enchanting and full of wit, she is a fast thinker and quite fascinating. She always puts her best foot forward and is very responsible when it comes to her duties. She may take herself a little too seriously, but the other Glimmies always help bring her back around.


  • Her korean figure is named Treya.
  • Her name might allude to the goddess of stars in Greek myths.


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