Color Purple
Species Moth
Symbol Jasmine

Alya is one of the twenty-three star fairies sent to Glimmies Wood to restore the peace between animals. Her symbol is the Jasmine flower and her partner is Lumix.


Alya has a pale indigo body with a pair of glittery lilac moth wings decorated with white dots, she also has matching antennae. Her big purple eyes have a little clover/flower dot in each one, along with thick lashes. She has very short, light purple curly hair with two of her bangs swirling together on the left of her head.

Her outfit is glittering violet with a Jasmine flower design and a lilac frilly collar. Her shoes are light purple with a white ring around the top.


With a heart of gold and a noble spirit, she is ready to help with no complaint. She is hopeful and never rests until her work is done. 

However, she is also very shy and gets flustered when others show her attention.

Character CardEdit

Her color is PURPLE and its symbol is the JASMINE, the flower of shyness. She is the twin of Lumix and lives in the same bush-shaped dwelling, where she loves to hide so as not to be the center of attention. She is a shy creature with a big heart. She is always on the side of the weakest and if she sees any injustice you will see her put aside her shyness to defend the cause.


  • Her name is Arabic for "sky, heaven, loftiness".
  • The korean toy version of her is named Elia.
  • She is exclusive to the Green Glimhouse pack.